How to book an appointment

All initial tattoo inquires communications are done via email. Use the form below to start your booking process or send me the inquiry through your personal email account. Please include in your initial email:

  • Your name

  • Shop location (where are you looking to make the appointment?)

  • Size, location, subject matter of your tattoo

  • Your location (are you local or will you be traveling in from more then 2 hours away?)

  • Any additional information you would like me to know

For local clients: After the initial inquiry, we will schedule an in-person consultation. All local clients must come in for an in-person consultation before a tattoo appointment can be made. During the consultation, we will be discussing your tattoo ideas in detail. Bring any reference photos you may have gathered that might help us talk about your ideas. Please wear appropriate clothing so that the area you have in mind for the tattoo can be easily accessible. I may need to take photos and tracing of the area to aid in the design process. Once I feel that I have a good understanding of what you are after I will give you a rough estimate on the pricing, and we will set a time and date for the tattoo if you are ready to go forward with the tattoo appointment. At that time, I will take a $100 non-refundable deposit to reserve the spot. Please click on link below to see my complete deposit policy.

For clients traveling from out of town: We will be discussing your ideas via email. I will request photos of the area you have in mind for the tattoo, as well as any reference photos you may have found that might help me better understand your ideas. We will exchange as many emails as we need for me to get a good understanding of your ideas (could take a few days or a few weeks), and once I feel comfortable with your project I will give you a price estimate, we will find a time and date to book the tattoo appointment, and a $100 non-refundable deposit will be taken via PayPal to secure the spot. If you need travel information, please ask and I will be more then happy to provide what I can.

A few things to keep in mind before booking any tattoo appointments:

I’m currently only booking black work tattoos (no colors). While I do consider all cover up and re-work inquires, please keep in mind that my style of tattooing rarely make successful cover up tattoos so I’m very selective with the projects that I take on. If I don’t feel confident in giving you a successful cover up, I will provide you with either laser tattoo removal recommendations or suggest other artists who might be able to help you out better (depending on which route you want to go). I also do not show tattoo designs ahead of time. I usually draw the tattoo designs right before the appointment and minor adjustment can be made on the spot. Some tattoos may require me to draw parts or all of it directly on to the skin. If this is the case, I will adjust the appointment time to accommodate the extra drawing time. If you are pregnant, breast feeding, have a sunburn on or near the tattoo location, on any types of antibiotics or blood thinners, you will not be able to get tattooed. After the tattoo is finished, the healing process generally take around 2 weeks. During this time, you will not be able to go in the sun, do strenuous physical activities both indoors or outdoors, or submerge your tattoo in any standing water (swimming, bath/Jacuzzis, beaches, etc). Please do not plan tattoo appointments too close to any upcoming vacations.

If you have any questions at all, please do not hesitate to ask!


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